Six Reasons Why You Should Join The Government Job

Getting a job in today’s fast-paced world is some achievement itself. Whatever your dream job may be…be it a banker, a lawyer, a railway servicemen we all strive for a government job. So what’s the craze all about? In this article, we will make a list of six reasons as to why you should opt for a government job instead of any other job.

Why You Should Join The Government Job


Government job gives you job security

(1) Government job gives you job security:

This is the first and the most important factor as to why so many youths are trying to get a government job. Job security is very high in this area. On a private farm, there are frequent deadlines. If you are not able to complete it, then your reputation as a good employee may go down the drain or in the worse case scenario, you might be sacked. But in government service, you don’t have to worry about these things. Your job is secure once you get into the government sector.

government job has work life balance

(2) Work-life balance:

This is the most important factor for those who want to have a work-life balance. Government job gives you the freedom you want. You have to work five days a week. You go to the office at the fixed time, come back home at a fixed time. All in all, you get plenty of time for your family. As a responsible person, you have much to do for your family and for that you have to give them time. As a matter of fact, the government job is the best choice for you.


Government job gives good starting salary

(3) Starting Salary is very good:

The starting salary in a government job even for the lowest grad worker is very good. So when you enter the government service, you are already in a position where you can support your family. You can get more salary if you are given higher posts. Now after the 7th pay commission the lowest salary is expected to increase even further.


good perks and allowances

(4) Perks and allowances are more:

Hands down to this factor. Nobody can beat the number of perks and allowances a government job gives you. There are incidents where one changing a home is provided all the money he needs to buy the stuff he leaves behind. There are many allowances starting from DA, HRA, TA and so on. Yearly bonus on festivals and yearly vacation for the family is a great offering from the government sector.


Government job gives more free time

(5) You have ample amount of free time for yourself:

In a government job service, you get so much free time to yourself that you will be amazed. I won’t talk about the higher officials like the IAS and IPS officers because their work is entirely different and so their workload is also high. They work for long hours with full dedication, and we all respect them for that. But if you work on a lower post and have some special interest and hobbies then you can do it by joining a government job. You can devote your free time to produce things like painting, writing, blogging etc.


You have a stable growth in a Government job

(6) You have a stable growth:

Growth is not a very good and appealing factor of the government job. But once you catch hold of a job you can expect an easy going and stable growth. Your increment will increase on time and promotions will also happen at the designated time. You go on a smooth sail without much turbulence.


So there it was. Six points on why you should go for a government. But hey… All the five fingers in your hand are not of the same length. Likewise, not all people are the same, everyone has his or her unique qualities as well as interests. Highly ambitious people who want fast growth in life and increase the lifestyle should go for private farms. But the one who wants to have a stable growth in life as well as have a work-life balance should go for government job without a second thought. So Study Hard, Work Smart and get the dream job you had wanted for so long.


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