NRC Assam Complete Draft List | Check Your NRC Assam Result 2018 (Update)

NRC Assam Complete Draft List | Check Your NRC Assam Result 2018 (Update)- The main purpose of National Register of Citizens (NRC) is to register containing the names of Indian citizens. NRC updation is the process of enlisting those genuine names of citizens based on Electoral Rolls up to 1971 and 1951 NRC.

NRC Assam Complete Draft List 2018

Check Your NRC Assam Complete Draft List 2018 Details

Assam Government has been concerned very much about that so many people whose names are not listed till now in the NRC Assam draft 2018 and as a result they are trying to finish their life as they are afraid by thinking to migrate their family members to Bangladesh. But we want to say those people, don’t worry about that as its a large project and hence a major challenge for all the NRC Assam Draft 2018 employees. So its take more time to complete it correctly. The Supreme Court of India is monitoring the updation process of NRC with full importance and has directed the chief secretaries of states to cooperate in the process. Also Assam government is fully committed to prepare an exhaustive and flawless NRC Assam Complete Draft List 2018 containing all the names of genuine citizens of India.

Honourable Chief Minister of Assam Mr. Sarbananda Sonowal said a second draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) would be published following a Supreme Court order to include in it all genuine citizens of the state.

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) directorate has said the work on NRC Assam Complete Draft List 2018  will cover around 70 percent of the document verification process related to the individuals’ and anyhow tries to complete the remaining portion of work within May 31.

It shows that basically in villages many peoples name are not listed. But From 02-05-18 the NRC Assam verification already started of certificates issued by the Gram Panchayat Secretaries. After the Guwahati High Court ruled against them saying these had “no statutory sanctity”, the Supreme Court will upheld the legality of such certificates.

Generally the NRC Assam verification process is consisting of two parts:

  1. Office Verification: Validation of documents submitted by the applicants as proof of the claim for inclusion in NRC, which is to be done during Application Form receipt phase as a part of office verification.
  2. Field Verification: Verification to be carried out in the field to establish identity of the applicants and their linkage to the quoted reference in the Legacy Data. All the officials involved would be carrying out their statutory functions of verification in a quasi judicial manner as per the provisions of The Citizenship Act, 1955, and the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003. The verification process would be carried out to identify applicants and authenticate the eligibility claims for inclusion in NRC.

Verification Teams (VTs) would be formed to verify the particulars submitted by the applicants before deciding upon inclusion of their names in the updated NRC. The VTs would ordinarily consist of the LRCR, and the Lot Mandals. The VT shall be responsible for validating the documents to be submitted by the applicants as proof of their claim to citizenship as well as for field verifications to establish identity of the applicants. The help of the Gaonburhas, Field Level Officials (FLOs) and Forest Officers (in case of forest villages) would be taken by the VT for the purpose under Rule 5 of Citizenship Rules, 2003 that makes it mandatory for every official to assist the Government in the process of NRC updation. Moreover, the VTs would be empowered to take help of any field level Government functionary for work related to field verification.

In all such cases, identity of the person shall be ascertained by the Verification Team through a quasi-judicial process to their satisfaction and will be referred to the DRCR (Deputy Commissioner) for confirmation. 

After completion of the disposal of claims and the objections final registers at various levels, namely, Local Register of Citizens (LRC), Circle Register of Citizens (CRC), and the District Register of Citizens (DRC) shall then be published as Final Updated NRC for the state.

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NRC Assam Complete Draft List 2018

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How To Know Your Application Receipt Number (ARN)

For Online Applicants:

This is to inform all concerned online applicants that in case you have misplaced or lost your Application Receipt Number (ARN Number), which was issued against your Online Application Form, call us at our toll free helpline number 15107. Our call center agent shall assist you with the Application Receipt Number (ARN Number).

You are required to provide any one of the following details:-




CALL ON 15107 (within Assam)

DIAL 18003453762 (from outside Assam)


For Offline Applicants:

In case you have misplaced or lost your Application Receipt Number (ARN Number), which was issued against your Application Form, visit your designated NRC Seva Kendra and collect the information.

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How To Check your Investigation hearing dates and details

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NRC Assam Complete Draft List 2018

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