MTS Tier 2 Exam: How to Prepare for it

SSC released the result for the SSC MTS Tier 2 exam last year. The students have got their answer scripts and have calculated the marks they got in the Tier 2 exam. Now the only thing remains to be seen is the cut off marks. Many students who got average marks are very puzzled and are in a dilemma whether they should start preparing for the Tier 2 exam or not.

SSC MTS Tier 2 Exam

How to prepare for the SSC MTS Tier 2 Exam

This anxiety is natural because when you are not sure about your results and whether you will be selected for the SSC MTS Tier 2 exam or not, it becomes very hard to focus on your studies and prepare for the next phase of the examination. But whatever the situation maybe you should start preparing for Tier 2 exam because even if you are not able to appear in the next phase, it will certainly help you for the upcoming SSC CGL exam later in the year.

So today we will discuss some points on how you can write a good essay or a letter in the Tier 2 exam.

Point #1   Read good books on essays as much as you canSSC MTS Tier 2 Exam

Read essay books. You don’t have to read very high standard books, but those books which you can thoroughly understand and master easily. Start slowly. Start from below. Get your essay books which you read at school and start reading them while you prepare for the upcoming SSC MTS Tier 2 exam. Start from easy books and gradually you can go towards some upper level books if you wish. But you can also restrict yourself to those books only which you understand easily.

SSC MTS Tier 2 ExamPoint #2   Reading the newspaper has many benefits

Reading the newspaper has two benefits. First it increases your general knowledge and lets you know what is happening in our nation or around the world. Secondly it improves your grammar and vocabulary. So during your preparation make it a habit to read the newspaper on a daily basis while you prepare for the MTS Tier 2 exam.  Select a good newspaper and start reading it daily.

Point #3   Time your writing perfectly while appearing in the SSC MTS examSSC MTS Tier 2 Exam

Only reading will not help you much if you don’t practice yourself. In the examination you don’t write. In the SSC MTS Tier 2 exam you will be given 30 minutes to complete it. So practice a lot and try to finish your essay or letter within the given time. For this you can use a stopwatch while you prepare for the descriptive test. Keep looking at the time and at the same time write with speed and accuracy.

SSC MTS Tier 2 ExamPoint #4   Letter structure is very important

In letter writing the format or structure is the most important factor. You have to give the name address, date, body of the letter, salutation exactly at the designated places. Making mistakes in placing them will make a bad impression and also you make get your marks deducted. Write the body of the letter in neat and clean writing.

Point #5   Don’t use difficult words in the SSC MTS Exam SSC MTS Tier 2 Exam

Most of us think that using difficult words will bring us good marks. Which is not true and is a completely wrong concept. When you use very heavy and difficult to understand words the examiner may get irritated and in the worse case scenario your marks may get reduced significantly. You may have sound knowledge of English, but remember that SSC MTS is a class 10 level exam. So simplicity is the key. Simple and easy to understand writing will be the deciding factor here.

Last Words on How to prepare for the SSC MTS Tier 2 Exam

Getting a job is very essential now a days. The thing is that competition has also drastically increased. People with very high qualification is also applying for jobs which require far lower qualification than that. So competition is tough. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot compete with them. Always remember that those who prepare with the right strategy will never fail. Believe in yourself and start preparing for the upcoming SSC MTS Tier 2 exam. One way or another this preparation will surely help you.

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