How To Make a Good Resume : The Way to Good Job

A resume or CV or bio data what we call normally contains the information about you and your qualification. Your bio data or resume contains the information about your studies, your work experience, whether you have undergone any kind of internships or not or in some cases they also contain whether you had to lead a team at your company.

How to make a good resume

How to make a good resume

There are different kinds of bio datas or resumes. Although all resumes have almost the same structure they differ mainly in the sense that different resumes highlight your different qualities. For example if you are applying for the job of a software engineer, your resume will most probably contain the information about whether you have any experience in software making or whether you have made any exceptional software and so on. On the other hand if you are applying for the post of a teacher of professor in a School of College your bio data will contain information about your educational qualification, your educational track record, whether you have adequate experience in teaching students etc.

How to make a good resume

Many candidates are puzzle about how to make a good resume. So today we will talk about an important topic on how to make a good resume so as to get the job easily. Following are five points which you should thoroughly read, understand and apply while creating your resume. So let’s get started.

(1) Your resume is the first impression your employer getsHow to make a good resume

This is the first important point to remember. There are thousands of candidate who appear for just a few jobs and all of them provide their resumes. Your resume is one of them. But if you think deeply your resume is almost lost in the crowd of CVs of other candidates. You may be a good and deserving candidate. But you can never say that you will be selected. This difference in the selection of students mainly happens due to difference in the quality and impression of resumes. You are not called for interview in the first place. First of all your employer will check your resume carefully and then you will be called if they think you are deserving enough.

How to make a good resume(2) Make your first page very attractive

Many of us think that just sending or uploading our resume will guarantee us a job. Which is entirely wrong. Your employer has to check thousands of resumes to get the most deserving candidates out. Which is a very difficult and boring job to do. So if your resume is not attractive enough to catch their eye and attract them they will just look at your resume and throw it away. Remember!!! Employers will only look at your resume for like five seconds. If inside that time frame they find your resume attractive they will proceed to look at it in detail. If it is not attractive then they will just pass on to the next one. So always make the first page or your resume highly attractive.

(3) Your language should be plain and simple

How to make a good resume

Many people think that using difficult and heavy words will make their resume stand out. They think that using big words will make them intellectual. But they miss out on the point that the more difficult language you use the less your chances of getting the job. As I mentioned in the point above the employer will only look at your resume for a couple of second before passing on to the next one. So using difficult words will only make them irritated and your chance of getting your dream job will go in drain. That is why you should have good knowledge on how to make a good resume, So the best thing to do is use simple language as far as you can. This way your resume will be more readable and more presentable.

How to make a good resume(4) Don’t fill your resume with unnecessary information

While your resume is mainly to showcase your qualification and achievement, it doesn’t mean that you will fill it with unnecessary information. Your resume should only contain information which are relevant for the job you are applying. Many a times we all fill up the resume with many things starting from our high school till we pass the graduation. But this will only make your resume unnecessarily long and difficult to read. So the best way of how to make a resume is that you only fill the resume with those information which are very important like your highest qualification, whether you have special qualities and whether you have prior experience for the job applied.

(5) Take help if necessaryHow to make a good resume

One should not hesitate to take help in making a resume if necessary. You many be very good and experienced in making resumes, but in today’s competitive world a highly professional resume is necessary. So for this very reason you should consult with your elder and other persons who are at present working in some reputed companies on how to make a good resume. You can also take help from online sites like shine, monsterindia etc. They have very good service at making professional looking resumes. You can also browse through free formats or templates found on the internet. This way you can create your own resume yourself.

Final Words on How to make a good resume

So there was it. Five points on how to make a good resume. All the people in world strives to get a good job and increase the standard of living. That is why the competition has become very tough now. So you should always remember that the resume you give while applying for a particular job should be so good and attractive that your future employer selects you over others. Remember all the above mentioned points and no one will be able to stop you from reaching your goal.

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