How To Keep Yourself Motivated Before Exams For Government Jobs

Hello, students and all the candidates preparing for upcoming government job exams. How are you all doing? Are you preparing well for your exams? I hope you are. If you are still finding it hard to start and thinking where do I start then worry no more. Because I will be sharing with you my little bit of knowledge using which you will be able to keep yourself motivated for government job preparation. I will be keeping everything short, to the point and easily understandable. So let’s start.

Keep Yourself Motivated Before Exams


(1) Understand the exam pattern

Most of the student does not know the process of selection. And hence they find it extremely difficult to prioritize everything. When the exam day nears, he finds it hard to finalise his decision and chokes where to start. So first understand the government job exam pattern. For that reason read the advertisement thoroughly.

(2) Understand the syllabus of the exam thoroughly 

As an aspirant who is trying grab a government job, your first and foremost task is to read and understand the syllabus. What most students think is that every exam has almost the same syllabus with a varying difficulty level. That’s true to certain extent. Making your preparations according to that kind of thinking can waste your precious time and ruin your career. So prepare according to the syllabus for a government job exam.

(3) Choice of books should be good 

Many government job-seeking students just listen to other big shot people and buy books according to their advice. But in this process, they forget to do the little research they had to do. When you buy a book check whether the book covers the entire syllabus or not. If yes then that’s the book to go for, not some book you are suggested by some so-called gurus.

(4) Good guidance is necessay while appearing in an exam 

This is optional according to me. This is because some students who are preparing for government jobs are not that motivated. So they need an advisor or a mentor to keep their spirit high. They need guidance. But someone who is self-motivated can pump himself up without anyone’s guidance. But wait, don’t become overconfidence. That’s a bad thing.

(5) Practice, practice, practice

Yes, you read that right. I repeated practice three times. And that’s not something to find humour in. This is one thing that can bring you to the summit and help you get a government job. You have to practice a lot. Especially the quantitative section and the reasoning section. Without practice, you are not sufficiently prepared for anything.

The point you should abide by to get a government job

Take care of your health. This is not a joke. I have seen people who are so hardworking, but due to lack of rest and fatigue before exam they fell ill and their dreams remain a dream forever. So eat healthily and rest a lot.  Your dream for a government job will not be far away. Good luck with your future endeavours.


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