How to crack SBI PO recruitment 2018

SBI PO recruitment 2018 is one of the most prestigious recruitment examinations of the present time. To crack this exam is even more honorable. But cracking this hard nut of an exam is not that easy. Following some predefined rules and guidelines will surely give the students the boost and confidence required to get ahead of his opponents with ease. Today we will discuss some topics which are no doubt common topics. But it holds some very important rules and regulations which if a student and aspiring candidate follows, he or she will definitely get the desired results in the upcoming SBI PO 2018 recruitment exam.

How to crack SBI PO recruitment 2018

How to crack SBI PO recruitment 2018

Rule #1 Strengthen your basics

Many aspiring candidates of the SBI PO 2018 recruitment exam feels that they are well aware of the basics of all the topics that are about to be included in the recruitment exam. But many at times at the final moments it turns out that he is not at all familiar with everything that he must have been. So his desire to get SBI PO may go down like a lead balloon. So first of all get good grasp of the basic theories, formulas and all. When your basic is strong you can move ahead without fear.

Rule #2 Grammar is very important

When we studied at school our English teachers used to give stress on grammar learning. Now having grown up we understand why they used to do that. In competitive examinations English is a subject which is indispensable. This is the age of globalisation. And to get along with the rest of the world we must strive to make our knowledge of the English language as good as we can. In SBI PO Recruitment 2018 the importance of grammar cannot be denied. So don’t be stubborn. Take a book of your school and college level and start studying if your grammar is not upto the mark. Remember “It is better to be late than never”.

Rule #3 Concentrate on shortcut tricks

Gone are the days when people used to get adequate amount of time to solve problems in exams. Now a days the number of candidates is so high and the vacancy is so low that exam committees are left with no other choice but to decrease the time limit to complete the examination.

In SBI PO Recruitment 2018 the Quantitative section is highly important. The questions are given in such a manner that your will not be able to solve the problems in time if you go in the traditional way. So grab a good book where there are shortcut methods mentioned and explained. Before two weeks from the examination start doing online mock tests. Try to solve problems with shortcuts only. It will boost your confidence.

How to crack SBI PO recruitment 2018

Rule #4 Follow a good newspaper

In SBI PO 2018 Recruitment exam the General awareness section is not included in the preliminary round. So you will not get any GK question in the Tier 1 exam. But let that not stop you from preparing for the SBI PO main exam which will contain the GK section. So even if someone gets through the first round he will eventually face the General Awareness section in the next round. Therefore it is good to be ready from the get go than do it later and panic.

So for this reason select a newspaper of your choice which suits your level of language. But select only those newspapers which discuss important aspects of topics covered in the main examination. Or else you will only be wasting time gaining nothing. If you are not able to get the hard copy of the newspaper you can always get the online version of that and start reading on the go. In fact the online version reaches you faster than the physical one.

Rule #5 Be your own inspiration

Preparing for a government exam like the SBI PO Recruitment 2018 is no less than preparing for a war. In a war if you somehow come to hear about the humongous amount of ammunition or the vast number of enemies that may be standing right before you in a few hours time you will get demotivated. It is said that the time you get demotivated is actually the time you lose half the war.

This is because your inner human being has already surrendered. Even if you try your best to fake your fear you will fail overcoming the genuine fear and anxiety that has triggered a chain reaction right when you got demotivated. Remember, the people who get selected in exams like SBI PO Recruitment are also human beings like you. The only thing that makes them winners are the tremendous amount of self motivation that they possess. So be your own motivator, be your own idol. Remember, nobody but only you can motivate yourself to the best level possible.

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