5 best English dictionary app for students to learn English

Dictionary is a must for learning any language. Without a proper dictionary one cannot hope to get a good grasp on any language. For students mainly possessing a dictionary is essential as it helps them find out meaning of words which they won’t get anywhere if they don’t have a good dictionary. Now a days dictionaries are available as apps also. This is good because it reduces the burden of carrying a humongous sized dictionary along all the time. Of course one can carry one pocket dictionary all the time. But then again it will miss out on the quantity of words which a full sized dictionary will have. So today let us see 5 best English dictionary app for students to learn English language. There are other dictionaries for other languages too. But we will mainly focus on the English dictionary app only.

5 best English dictionary app for students to learn English

#1 Dictionary.com English dictionary

This is one of the most popular and best English dictionary apps for students to learn English . You can use the dictionary offline by downloading the offline components. The best feature of this best English dictionary app is the Word of the Day section. Everyday when you open the app a new word pops us. The word popping up mostly is unknown to non English speakers. So it enhances their vocabulary by one word at least each day. It also has audio pronunciation feature. You can save your favorite word in the favorites section. Like other dictionaries it doesn’t miss out on giving you word suggestions.

#2 Oxford English Dictionary 

This English dictionary needs no introduction. This is one of the best English dictionary app for students one can get. It has a massive 350000 word strength under its sleeves. It has many search tools like Search autocomplete which helps one find words quickly by displaying predictions as the person types. Camera search helps you look up words in the camera viewfinder and displays results in no time. If you are puzzled about how to pronounce a word you can use the voice search tool. If you can get the premium version of this dictionary you will get 75k audio pronunciations of both common and rare words. The dictionary uses ads. So if you become a premium member you will be able to browse the app without ads.

#3 Dictionary – WordWeb 

It has a great rating of 4.6 on google play store. It indicates that it is one of the best English dictionary apps for students to learn English. There is a huge collection of words which ranges to 285000. One of the best features is that it includes North American, British, Australian and also the International English as well. Like other ideal dictionaries it has spelling suggestions. The words are listed in alphabetical order which makes it easier to find the word. You can filter your search results like noun, verb adjective etc. The best feature about this English Dictionary for students is that it requires no internet connection.

#4 Dictionary Merriam Webster

It is the most widely used Dictionary in the United States. Bringing this dictionary in the form of android app is a welcome move. This dictionary for students need not internet connection to view the definition of words of thesaurus. But remember that you will need internet connection if you want the detailed illustration of the word or the phrase. Like Dictionary.com this also has the Word of the Day section where you will be able to learn a new word each day. This popular dictionary also has a game section which helps improve the vocabulary by playing fun word games. One of the best features is that it correctly gives you the pronunciation of the word in words.

#5 Easy English Dictionary

It is a relatively new dictionary app in the android market. But it is worth trying with an average rating of over 4.7 in google play store. This is a simple English dictionary app for students to learn English. It uses a very pleasing orange colour in its theme which enhances the overall feel of the app. It has a capacity of 300000 words. You can bookmark your favorite words for future reference. You can also improve your listening skill hearing the pronunciation of words. It gives you related words and synonyms and works online and offline too.

So there is was. 5 best English dictionary app for students to learn English language easily. Please let me know which English dictionary you use and how is the UI response and also the overall quality of the app. Let me know your experience in the comment box below. Bye for now!!


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