How To Crack SSC CHSL EXAM In First Attempt

All right students, I know most of you have filled up the application forms for the upcoming SSC CHSL exam. And many of you may have already started preparing for it. That’s is very good. SSC CHSL exam is one of the most respected and sought after examinations in India for the job seeking aspirants. So today I will be telling you a few things about how to crack this exam in one go. I mean to say that it is possible to pass SSC CHSL exam in the first attempt. If you want to crack the exam in less time, then you are on the right page. So lets start.

How To Crack SSC CHSL exam

How To Crack SSC CHSL EXAM In First Attempt With The Right Preparation



But before I start about the preparation part let me just put forward a few words about this prestigious exam. SSC is a central body of India who conducts examinations to fill up the group B and group C posts of the Indian government or central government jobs. It is just behind the mighty UPSC which conducts the highest level of exams. So there are mainly 4 types of exams that SSC conducts. They are the SSC CGL for the graduate students, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL for the secondary students and the SSC MTS exam for the intermediate pass students. Notifications for all the exams are released at different times of the year and their schedule of examination also differs. SSC CHSL exam is for the class 12 passed students.

Eligibility for exam SSC CHSL

The student has to pass the class 12 exam otherwise he or she is not eligible to appear in SSC CHSL exam.


How to crack SSC CHSL EXAM : Points to follow

(1) Know your syllabus properly: How To Crack SSC CHSL EXAMFirst of all know the syllabus properly. Most of us forget this fundamental thing when we start preparing. So go through the syllabus and see the contents for SSC CHSL exam. There are four section mainly in this exam English, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning. 



(2) Prepare your schedule/time table: We should all have time tables. Time table reminds us of our duties. As students time tables are a must for you. So make a time table for SSC CHSL. You can allot different time hours to different sections. For example say you can study reasoning and quantitative aptitude for 2 hours, devote one hour to English and one hour to GK. This is just an example. You can make your own time table. 

(3) Selection of good books is important:How To Crack SSC CHSL EXAM Buy good books for SSC CHSL. Don’t just go by its outer cover or the contents. Ask your elders. Search in the internet about which book is good. For example for GK you can read NCERT books, any GK book like Lucent, for Reasoning and quantitative you can pick whatever you like, for English read books which focus on grammar and vocabulary. 

How To Crack SSC CHSL EXAM(4) Practice previous year solved papers: This is very important. Not only for SSC CHSL. But for other government exams too. When you practice previous year papers you get a clear idea of what kind of questions they are gonna ask you. This way you boost your overall confidence. Try offline as well as online mock tests.

(5) Try building your speed: How To Crack SSC CHSL EXAMThis is another aspect many students fail. SSC has reduced its time duration in SSC CHSL. So maintaining a proper pace is very crucial. You should try to build speed as well as accuracy. And this can be done by doing offline or online mock tests.

How To Crack SSC CHSL EXAM(6) Maintain your confidence: Do I even need to say that? Your confidence makes you who you are. Lack of confidence is very dangerous. Remember that. In the exam hall if you get a tough paper don’t think that your marks will reduce. Yes your marks may reduce. But it will happen to everyone. Not only you. Paper will be same for everyone, remember it!!! Even if the paper is easy maintain your calm, if tough do not panic. Just focus on your work.


Lastly I wish you all the best for your upcoming SSC CHSL examination. Good luck for your future endeavors.



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